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A new feature found in today's updated web browsers like Explorer, Forefox and Safari make it easier to watch movies on the Internet without any special software. Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets can stream free movies online via Wi-Fi or broadband connection, or download the movie files to synch to a device.

This provides fast streaming video immediately on demand. This makes it possible for computers that could not play these movies without installing new software or buy faster computers. It is advisable that mobile devices use a Wi-Fi connection to eliminate any cellular charges to watch or download a movie.

Most mobile devices will play these movies. They need to be downloaded and synched with your device since mobile browsers are not able to view these videos directly.

Since 2005, Entertainment Magazine has provided free movies to watch and download for millions of visitors worldwide.

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Our movie catalog is updated often with new films. Select a free movie category to choose movie titles.

Almost all computers, anywhere in the world, can play most of these free movies. Some movies may not play because the link is broken, the movie is not available any longer or the format is not compatible. Learn more how to watch free movies online.

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Most of the free movies can be downloaded to a computer and played at a later time, duplicated, synched to a mobile or freely distributed. Since the copyright for the movie has expired, these free movies are in the public domain. Find out more about how to download free movies.

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We recently added a new section to watch streaming TV video on your computer. TV programs like the Tonight Show, Late Night, SNL and dozens more from the major network and cable television companies can be played on demand. Watch free TV shows.

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