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These adventure and action movies are some of the most popular major motion pictures shown in the theaters from the 1900s through the 1960s.

Since they are in the public domain, these adventure and action movies can be All of the adventure movies posted here are now in the public domain can be watched online and many movies can be downloaded for free. No fees, no registration and no special software is required.

For decades, action films have been a big draw to the movie theaters. Classic adventure films such as Tarzan, Hercules and Dick Tracy series are now available as free downloads. Adventure movies in this section are all available from sources throughout the Internet. New action movies are added as they become available

These free adventure films can be also be downloaded to your computer to play later. The movie files also can be transferred to a mobile device or mashed using movie editing software. Read the Movie FAQ.

Free Adventure Movie Collection

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Tarzan movies

Tarzan movies

Evel Knievel

This movie reflects on major events in Evel Knivel's life just before a big jump.

Dick Tracey

Dick Tracy Series


"20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" (1916)


"Robin Hood" (1922) Stars Douglas Fairbanks

"The Lost World" (1925)

"Iron Mask" (1929) stars Douglas Fairbanks


"Mr Robinson Crusoe" (1932) Starring Douglas Fairbanks

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