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Free Movie FAQ for International Visitors

Every day, tens of thousands of new visitors from nearly 200 countries around the world discover they can watch and download free movies and listen to music on the Internet.

For the first time, these new visitors have been able to watch over 100 classic American films from the 1920s through the 1960s. Hollywood movies comes to the jungles of South America, fields of Australia, mountains of Russia, China and homes and offices in thousands of cities and towns of nearly every country in the world registered with the United Nations.

Most international visitors come to Entertainment Magazine's web site from a search engine (Google, Yahoo, etc), or referred by a blog, web site list or buddy.

For over a decade, U.S. search engines have ranked Entertainment Magazine (EMOL.org) at the top among thousands of key words and phrases. Since our site has been online longer than most search engines have been in existence, we rank very high in search results for the things you need. Visit the Free International Movie Listings.

How Can We Do This For FREE?

We can offer these free movies because of the support of visitors who shop through our links. If you often shop online, connect through our links first. Shop through our links

Watch free movies from anywhere in the world

These free movies are available because they are in the U.S. public domain. That means, their copyright has expired and anyone can own a copy, watch the film online, or download the movie or music file and transfer it from a PC to a MP3 player, like Apple's iPod. We make these movies available to you for free, in hopes that you will do your online shopping through our links first. That helps support our site so we can continue to make more movies available online.

These movies will play on most computers (PCs and Macintosh), but some people will have problems watching or downloading the files depending on their computer's software, security, firewall, internet connection speed and the traffic on the internet. Our heavy traffic is during the daytime in the U.S. (nighttime in the other half of the world). The best time for countries like Europe, Asia and Africia to visit are in your daylight hours.

International Portals

New international sections, portals, are in development for high traffic countries. Our first edition of United Kingdom Entertainment Magazine (UK/EM) is available with several UK only promo offers. Also, make a hotel reservation in almost every UK town, rent a vehicle or find some great bargains in Great Britain.

Visitors from Canada, Germany, Australia, Mexico and other countries can look forward to an Internet portal for their country soon.

Shop International through our site

When you click on any merchant link, you are taken directly to the company's online catalog and complete your purchase with that online merchant.

We are affiliated with more than 100 popular U.S. and worldwide companies. Many trusted brands like Amazon.com, Travelocity, Macy's, Lane Bryant, Walmart, Target, major hotel chains and other services can conduct international commerce through our site. See a list of all of our active approved affiliates.

If you want to order U.S. products, all of our approved affiliate merchants accept major credit cards and will make deliveries to most countries (check their shipping policies before making a purchase). Merchants that are country-exclusive are indicated.

We are developing country-only merchants so visitors in United Kingdom, for example, can purchase from UK merchants.

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