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Popeye in "Poopdeck Popeye" (1940)

In this Popeye cartoon, PopeyePopeye's pappy, age 99, wants to go out at night; Popeye wants him to sleep.

Popeye tries leg irons, but Pappy manages to put them on Popeye and sneak out to a sleazy bar.

Pappy dances with other men's girlfriends, bumps into everyone, and throws his dancing partner into the band.

Soon, the whole bar is lining up to get a piece of Pappy just as Popeye arrives.

It takes a little help from some spinach, but Popeye gets everything sorted out, and he escorts Pappy back to the ship, where he hogties him into his hammock.

To no avail; as soon as the light's out, Popeye discovers Pappy's snuck off again and tied a net around Popeye's bed. Written by Jon Reeves {jreeves@imdb.com}. Cast: Pinto Colvig...Bruiser (voice) (uncredited); Margie Hines...Young Lady (voice) (uncredited)' Jack Mercer...Popeye, Pappy (voice) (uncredited). Released: November 15, 1940. Read about Celebrating Popeye.

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Animation by Tom Johnson and Frank Endres. Story by Caryl Meyer. Music by Winston Sharples.

Cast: Pinto Colvig...Bruiser (voice) (uncredited); Margie Hines...Young Lady (voice) (uncredited)' Jack Mercer...Popeye, Pappy (voice) (uncredited). Released: November 15, 1940. Runtime: 6:00.

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