1909-1912: Old Hat Mining District, the Copper Queen, Reid, Geesman, Leatherwood claims

Saturday, January 23, 1909 - 12:00pm - Saturday, October 5, 1912 - 12:00pm

In 1909, it was announed that a "ledge six feet wide and running 60 per center copper and $6 in gold is the report from the

Old Hat district in the Santa Catalina mountains, on property owned by William Reed of Prescott. 11

Two years later, in 1911, it was reported that the Reid (sic) mining district has produced some excitement
"over recent strikes and the continued good showings of the more important properties being worked there. It is asserted that ev ery available foot of ground in the vicinity of the activities has been located. The Reid district is perhaps more familiarly known in Tucson as the Old Hat district.

The Cooper Queen company, which recently acquired thre Giesman Leatherwood, and Billy Reid properties in that district, has done considerable work on the Giesman and Leatherwood claims. On the Gieseman claim, at a depth of 300 feet, there had been struck a vein of 13 per cent ore. This ore was almost reached by former operators who save up the work and the Copper Queen began where the others left off.

Immediately adjoining the Copper Queen property the Copper Range in Arizona company is busy ar work. Attorney Fran Francis M. Hartman being worked lies within 1,000 feet of the end of the Copper Queen tunnel, and the later company is working toward the Copper Range property.

The latter has over a mile contract vein of sixteen foot ore which runs six and a half per cent copper and thirty percent lead with small values of gold and silver. A tunnel has been run in sixty feet with a cross cut of ten in sixty feet with a cross cut of ten feet. The camps are near together and present a busy scene, fifty or sixty men being employed. There are other properties which are showing good prospcts. but the Copper Queen and Copper Range companies are doing the chief developing and have the test prospects." 12

In October, 1911, the Old Hat district gained new owners.

"That the Copper Queen Consolidated Mining oompany continues to have faith ln the property In the Old Hat district, contiguous to this city, is indicated by the fact that payments have been made on the claims held there under option. An amended agreement with F. Geessmaan (sic) was filed for record In the county recorder's offlce here yesterday. The agreement just filed Involved the Eagle, Copper Peak, York, Eagle No. 2 and Golden Peak No. 2 claims in the Old Hat district ot the Catalina mountains. Thus far $4,260 has been paid on the claims, one paymout having been made September 1.

Another paymeut is to be made on February 15, 1912. and the balance of $59,750 will be paid on August 15, 1912.
The Geeseman property was optioned by the Copper Queen company at tho same time as the Leatherwood, Lovell and Reid claims, which have likewise been partially paid and the balance extended.

It is stated that the Copper Queen comany, now operating at Apache camp has found tho claims to be good ones, and will continue the the development work steadily and rapidly. It is to this property that a movement has been started to have a highway constructed from this city, in order that the business of the camps, which now goes to the other side of the mountains, will come back here." 13

The property again changed hand when E.O. Stratton gave a bond on the claims

"A bond has been given to Boston parlies by E. O. Stratton on the Chalcopyrite Peacock and Copper Matte claims which he owns lying south of the Geesiman (sic) claims and north of the Leatherwood claims in the Old Hat district and which have now been purchased by the Copper Queen Consolidated Mining company Mr Stratton stated Friday that he had received his first payment on the bond and that another payment of considerable size is due in about 30 days He declined to state either the total purchase price or the names of the bondholders. He said they are arranging to commence development work upon the property before Oct 1.

The group adjoins the Geesiman claims upon which a large orebody of chalcopyrite high grade has been developed at a depth of about 500 feet from the surface.

Prof C. F. Tolman now connected with the mining department of Standard university made a report on the Stratton group while he was still head of the department of mines at the University of Arizona and stated that the Stratton group deposits are similar in character to the neighboring ore bodies which deeper developments prove to have commercial value He also stated that the Stratton property has as strong an outcrop as and a longer outcrop than any on which deeper work has been done." 14


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