1912-5-3: "Old Hat" Mining Camps

Friday, May 3, 1912 - 1:00am - 6:00pm

Mining in the mountains became a big business. Campo Bonito, also called Camp Bonito, was one of the biggest mining groups. Campo Bonito is located in what is known as the Control District, Old Hat District and Santa Catalina District, south of Oracle. The San Pedro River flows along the east. Tucson is on the south side of the Catalina Mountains.

The mineral list from the Campo Bonito mines included Calcite, Dolomite, Galena, Gold, Pyrite, Scheelite, Talc and Wulfenite. 1

By 1912, several months after Arizona became a state, the Bisbee Daily Review published an overview of mining in the Catalinas.

"Campo Bonito. To the north and west of Apache camp and at a lower altitude is the scene of the Cody-Dwyer M. & M. company's operations. The company has thirty-six locations here and a forty-ton mill has been installed. There is a scheelte gold ore that yields to the milling and concentrating process.

The Southern Bell, owned by the Cody-Dwyer Interests, is now under bond to Capt Jack Burgess.

The property consists of nine patented and four unpatented claims, a patented mill slto and a ten stamp mill. Pepper Sauce Gulch is the location of the "Buffalo Bill" claims, consistIng of twelve In number. The Coy-Dwyer and the Cody-Burgess combinations own and control several groups In addition to the foregoing that are receiving more or less practical attention.

The ore in the vicinity of Campo Bonito is in places a disseminated sulphide carrying gold and sliver values. Oxidizing agencies have freed the values to a considerable extent from their base combinations, making amalgamation practicable to a certain extent.

Both Apache Camp and Campo Bonito are In tho "Old Hat" district and are easily accessible to Tucson by excellent wagon road. The E. P. and S. W. railway has surveyed to the former camp and the course of line runs approximately near to all tho important mining interests now known in that locality. Its construction is well within the realms of the possible." 2


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