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By Robert Zucker

Just added are several new sections to the nearly 20 year old web site- The Entertainment Magazine.

Since 1995, the site has provided Information contained in the former print edition of the Entertainment Magazine and Tucson Teen Teen newspapers. New developments with technology bring on new features.

Music and other Blessings

It is hard to ignore all of the ugly stuff connected to our society like parasites. The crime, corruption, envy, tv, vanity, lawyers, religion, greed and lust for profit margins can jade even the nicest of souls. Even I have been heard complaining, though, I was talking to myself and people should mind their own beeswax if you ask me.

My Belief System

I have had my belief system for a long time now. I have never actually written it down onto paper (or typed it onto a keyboard) until tonight and I find myself excited to do such a simple task.

I believe in God since there was an entity that did start all that we see and are. If you want to call it the Big Bang Theory and take God out of the equation then, smugly, I will share that I believe that God was the trigger for that big bang.

Those Perfect Moments

Walking out of the credit union with thoughts flooding...

Keys for the car, which exit to use, the path the car will travel, where is the destination, why is that the destination, who needs a text and the whole time a perfect moment was being created.

Fire Like Rain

Fire like rain
or rain like fire
the dark clouds
make all look dire
light will come again
although it will be an end
and the world will bend
it will not break
for a new beginning
can be no mistake
sinking into a quagmire
of fire like rain
and rain like fire


A gun lying on the ground has no power. It will collect dust as any object left unattended will. If a hand picks that gun up then the same object that once collected dust suddenly becomes a weapon. The hand only has power while holding the gun because without the gun, it is just a hand and we all share them.

That has been my journey through this world: how can I give my hand power when it is like all other hands?

Is This why My Ego is so Big? (My Application for The Jim Rome Show)

The opportuity to write for The Jim Rome Show is humbling. Rome says to give the show two weeks and the reason for that is his consistency will lead you to respect him. Rome is about giving takes and, like them or not, he will have the same take every time he says it.

I have modeled my writing career on the principles of consistency and allowing my work to speak for itself. I have written for the Entertainment Magazine since 2005.

The J. Floyd King Blog (

The J. Floyd King Library (

I used a pen name because I liked J. Floyd King (inspired by Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Martin Luther King, Stephen King, and John F. Kennedy) better than Dan Smith (my parents almost named me Seth). I was born in northern Ohio and it has been a rough sports life. The Browns of the late '80s were good enough to just fall short. The Indians have ripped my heart out three times real big plus a bunch of smaller times. The Cavs are abysmal.

The Ultimate Bad Boy

The plan that Marvel Studios constructed and is in the process of executing is the most ambitious filmmaking endeavor in the history of cinema. The wild success of it is unprecedented already and the future is going to be full of superhero movies. The second Captain America is out in theaters now but I probably won’t see it and I also never caught the first one, either.

I am not a fan of Captain America because I do not know who his enemies are. And even if I took the time to figure out who Captain America fights with, none of those bad guys could compare to the cast of bad guys in Gotham City. I realize now that I have veered from the Marvel universe into the world of DC Comics but rest assured that DC is working their own angle as they were inspired by the gameplan of Marvel.

Megalomaniacs and Mockingjays

The two characters pushing the story of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire are Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) and President Snow (Donald Sutherland). Katniss is the young woman living in a horribly cruel world that now has hope because of her defiance in the 74th Hunger Games. President Snow is the megalomaniac who is seeing the world he rules slowly changing.

There is so much mystery behind the story of modern day Panem. There have been 74 years of peace after a rebellion and the society is geared toward the Capitol as the other 12 Districts live in an oppressive poverty. President Snow leads with an iron fist and the fact that Katniss and Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) did not fight to the death in the 74th Hunger Games has given the people he lords over hope.

The Things We Hardly Ever Think About

So you wake up and it is March-ish of 2014.

You yawn and the thoughts begin to flood into your mind:

There have been two world wars

The Roman Empire fell

A guy named Jesus was born

The Egyptians built the pyramids

The only reason that it is "2014" has a lot to do with a book called the Bible

By now we are out of bed and grooming for the day but you see the point that we are now the culmination of so many days lived.

Then you think about that really great day you had. The one where the lights were green, the women all smiled, every song enhanced what you were doing then you retired to a great night of sleep. Life seems so simple at the end of those days but we know that it has become so complex.

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