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2014 Heartland Film Festival

The Heartland Film Festival—Indiana’s largest and longest-running independent film festival—showcased more than 130 independent films and gives audiences access to more than 100 independent filmmakers from around the world from October 16-25, 2014. With red carpet premieres and events, parties, and hundreds of film screenings, the Heartland Film Festival offers the best of world cinema right in the heart of the Midwest.

Middle Coast Film Festival

A brand, spanking new film festival has hit the Midwest.  The Middle Coast Film Festival was named to play on and dethrone the East Coast—West Coast artistic and cultural dominance in the U.S. Read about the Middle Coast Film Festival. 

The Delights of Chocolates is a short film that screened at the 2014 Middle Coast Film Festival is a quirky little comedy centered on the interactions – and jealous tensions – of two women who have been friends.  The film is titled Chocolates, which plays on both an element in the plot and its visual accompaniment as the women sit in a living room and talk.

Stardust & Moonbeams

Ladies, wouldn’t you love to . . . Grab the Camera. Change the View. Enjoy the View. Finally . . .  a Smart, Fun, Sexy Movie By Women, For Women - and the Men Who Love Them. We’re women, we’re filmmakers, and we love men.  We want to advance women’s sexual empowerment and turn the erotic gaze on men, for our entertainment.  We’re talking heterosexual politics, because if the woman is behind the camera and the man is in front of it, sparks will fly . . . everywhere. In Stardust & Moonbeams . .

New Civil War Film in Production: The Battles That Changed Us

Young filmmaker Luke Broyles is on a mission.  It’s July 2014 and he’s a 15-year-old who’s written a feature length screenplay about the Civil War.  But it’s not just the battles on the field.  It’s the personal battles of four young Union Army soldiers.... personal battles that change them forever. The Battles That Changed Us shoots in July-August 2014.

Indie Film Con 2014

The Indie Film Con 2014 is in its second year, drawing films and filmmakers primarily from around the state of Indiana.  Like its inaugural year in 2013, the weekend program was held on the Indiana University campus in Bloomington, Indiana. Part film festival and part filmmaker education, screenings were at the state-of-the-art IU Cinema, and workshops and panels were held in the nearby Fine Arts Building.  Most films were shorts, screened in the afternoons, with two feature-length films shown in the evenings. 

Interview with Filmmaker Trisha Borowicz. Science, Sex, and the Ladies, Oh My!

A new documentary feature will soon hit the film festival circuit – like none you’ve ever seen.  Yet with a message that is SO needed when it comes to women, men, and sexual equality in contemporary culture. Read more about Science, Sex, and the Ladies.

As High as the Sky with Nikki Braendlin

Nikki BraendlinI saw the film and met Nikki Braendlin (photo , left) at the 2013 Heartland Film Festival in October, the film’s last festival, but now it’s time for the film’s release.  Although As High as the Sky has finished its year on the festival circuit, the filmmakers secured distribution with Cinema Libre Studio. The DVD comes out on May 6, 2014, and the film is available through Video On Demand and streaming on June 6, 2014. So let’s hear more about this movie from the filmmaker herself– Nikki Braendlin.

A Batman for all Generations!

Batman comic book coverMany parent’s memories of Batman harkens back to the live-action television series.

Often comic book historians have few good things to say about the series claiming it turned Batman into a joke with its campy portrayal of the Caped Crusader.  Continue reading about A Batman for all Generations!

Mary Badham "To Kill a Mockingbird"

In the minds of many people, the word “scout” conjures up routine images of exploration, observation, and organized youth troops. But to the die-hard movie fan - particularly those can’t-get-enough-of-them film aficionados who grew up in The Sixties - that word “scout” calls to mind primarily one thing: the critically-acclaimed film To Kill a Mockingbird and its then ten-year-old star, Mary Badham, who played the role of Jean Louise “Scout” Finch.

Remembering Popeye’s Bumblebee

On January 17, 2014 Popeye the Sailor turned 85 years old. The sailor man with a passion for spinach and Olive Oyl made his debut in the Thimble Theatre comic strip created by E.C. Segar. For decades Segar’s work, including his successors Bud Sagendorf and Bobby London, have been reprinted for new generations to discover. Although reprinted in comic book format during the 1940’s and 1950’s the work of one Popeye’s greatest cartoonists has been slighted: Bela “Bill” Zaboly.

Steve Albrezzi: On the Road to Commencement

Steve AlbrezziCommencement is one of those films that draws you in to a warm sense of intimacy with a small group of characters.  There is a main character, Christa (Amelia Rose Blaire), with her own crises and decisions to make at this crossroads in her life. 

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Several major 3-D blockbuster films are planned for release almost every month this year.

3-D movies were among the top grossing films in 2013. 3-D movies may be the key to revive the slumping movie industry. See the schedule of new 3D movies in 2010, watch movie trailers and read studio production notes.

The International 3D Society released a 3D revenue study today showing that 3D movie fans are driving opening weekend box office revenues by significant margins. Continue reading about upcoming 3D movies.

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