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Sears coupon for replacement windows

Replacing worn, single pane windows to double-pane or triple-pane windows may reduce energy bills in both hot and cold weather.

Among the many reasons to consider replacement windows from Sears - Sears has been trusted for decades. So, Sears is giving a discount coupon and a complimentary in-home consultation to demonstrate that.

Sears replacement windowsSears replacement windows

Sears Home Improvements specializes in home renovation services including Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Floor Installation, Exterior Window Replacement, Siding Installation, Roof Replacement, and Heating & Air Installation.

Sears has been in business for over a 100 years and is well known throughout the United States.

Sears Home Services offers renovation and customized services throughout the Continental US, with exceptions of Hawaii and Alaska.

Sears Window Coupon
& Free Consultation Offer

Free in-home consultation and a discount by Sears Home Services on new window installation or window replacement services.

Sears Home Services authorizes Entertainment Magazine to provide this coupon link to Sears web site for their advertised special offer.

Sears windows are solid-built with quality materials. Custom Sears windows resist warping, cracking, rotting, chipping and denting. At the same time that you beautify your home you can help reduce energy bills.

When you replace old, cracked, energy-leaking windows with Sears quality materials, your new windows are virtually maintenance-free and easy to clean. Sears replacement windows are made of solid vinyl frames. Satisfaction guarantee installation from Sears Home Improvement.

Sears windows are superior to other types of custom designed windows. Sears Home Improvement Services carries the most popular styles of windows and vinyl replacement windows on the market today.

The solid vinyl frame resists all sorts of wear and are durable and weather resistant.

The color is throughout the frame so it won't peel or flake off. There are great grid patterns and interior replacement window frame color options from which to choose. These replacements virtually eliminate the need to ever do maintenance on your windows. Many styles tilt inward for easy cleaning from inside your home. Sears windows are also very energy efficient.

New windows will give your house a neat, well maintained look. The new materials used makes operation smooth without a lot of maintenance. The newer produced windows are easier to clean.

Sears has free in-home design consultation and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Frame Color Options includes white, tan, Honey Oak and Amber Oak. Window Grid Options include White Colonial Flat, Colonial Sculpted, Colonial Flat, Shadow Bevel-Cut, Colonial, Tan Diamond Flat. Vinyl replacement windows from Sears comes in many styles and include Double hung windows, Picture windows, Sliding windows, Bow windows, Bay windows, Casement windows, Garden windows, Geometric windows and Patio doors.

Subject to applicant creditworthiness. See contract for details This is an advertisement from Sears Home Improvement Services.

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