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By Bob Zucker, publisher

Watch online and download dozens of free classic, full-length, comedy movies to your PC and play on tablets and smartphone without cell phone charges..

Whether you remember these movies as a child, or never saw them before, you can now enjoy these vintage American films on your computer or mobile device without any cost or registration. The Entertainment Magazine has been a legitimate source of free movies for over seven years.

Free Comedy Movies


W.C. Fields in his famous film "The Pharmacist."


"School's Out" Our Gang (1930)

Spanky and Our Gang - The Little Rascals (1930)

"Mr Robinson Crusoe" (1932) Starring Douglas Fairbanks

"His Double Life" (1933)

"Girl o' My Dreams" (1934)

"The Private Life of Don Juan" In his last film role, in 1934, Douglas Fairbanks stars as an ageing legendary lady-killer Don Juan.

"Hook Line and Sinker" (1930)

"Lost in the Stratosphere" (1934)

"The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss" with Cary Grant (1936)

"Disorder in the Court" The Three Stooges (1936)

"My Man Godfrey" (1936) stars William Powell, Carole Lombard

"Renfrew of the Royal Mounted" (1937)

"Eternally Yours" (1939) Starring Loretta Young, David Niven

Laurel & Hardy "Flying Deuces" (1939)

Made for Each Other" (1939) with Jimmy Stewart


"Li'l Abner" movie (1940)

"His Girl Friday" (1940) Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell

"Second Chorus" (1940)

"Little Men" (1940)

"Misbehaving Husbands" (1940)

The Eastside Kids in "That Gang of Mine" (1940)

Penny Serenade" (1941) Cary Grant, Irene Dunne

"Topper Returns" (1941)

"Baby Face Morgan" (1942)

"Horace Takes Over" (1942)

"So's Your Aunt Emma" (1942) Also known as "Meet the Mob"

"Private Buckaroo" (1942) The Andrew Sisters

"Private Snuffy Smith" (1942)

Lum & Abner "So This Is Washington" (1943)

"Two Weeks to Live" (1943)

"Machine Gun Mama" (1944)

"Hollywood and Vine" (1945) a young girl arrives in Hollywood determined to become a star in the movies. But, she finds that attaining stardom is a lot more difficult then she expected.

"Angel on My Shoulder" (1946)

"Boy! What a Girl!" (1946)

"Brideless Groom" The Three Stooges (1947)

"My Favorite Brunette" (1947) with Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour

"Perils of Pauline" (1947) funloving Pearl White (Betty Hutton), working in a garment sweatshop, gets her big chance when she "opens" for a delayed Shakespeare play...with a comic vaudeville performance.

"Inspector General" (1949) Stars Danny Kaye

"My Dear Secretary" (1949) Stars Kirk Douglas

"Malice in the Palace" The Three Stooges (1949)


"Love Island" (1950) stars Eva Gabor

"Happy Go Lovely" (1951) stars David Nevin and Cesar Romero

"Utopia" (1951) Laurel and Hardy

"Lady Says No" (1952) with David Niven

"Jack and the Beanstalk" (1952) Abbott and Costello

"Beat the Devil" (1954)

"Young at Heart" (1954) starring Doris Day

"The Dick Van Dyke Show" (1961-66) TV series

"Santa Clause Conquers the Martians" (1964)

"The Grass is Greener" (1961) Starring Cary Grant, Robert Mitchum

The New Three Stooges "Color Craziness" (1965)

Watch these free movies online using your computers own movie player without the need for special software. Read the Movie FAQ on how to watch movies on your computer.

The movie files you download can be mashed, ripped and burned to DVDs, MP3 players, etc. Read the Movie FAQ on how to download movies.

Watch these comedy films on an Android, Samsung, Apple iPad or iPhone. FInd out how to play on a mobile device.

These comedy movies are now in the public domain. They can be freely downloaded to play later on your computer or transferred to a mobile device at no cost.

These movies are from the original prints and digitized into MPEG video files. Several formats are offered when available.

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Many of the free comedy movies use a new code installed in most web browsers (Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) that automatically begin streaming the video.

Download many of these free comedy movies to your computer. Once downloaded, these movies can be edited with movie software. The movie can also be synched to a mobile device. See the Free Movie FAQ for more information.

New comedies are added often, so keep checking back- and browse through's entire web site.

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