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2015 Arizona Renaissance Festival

Celebrating 27 Years of Cheers, the Arizona Renaissance Festival will reopen in 2015 every weekend on Saturday and Sunday, February 7 through March 29, and Presidents’ Day Monday February 16, 2015. Open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm Rain or Shine. Always Free Parking.

The AZ Renaissance Festival is a medieval amusement park, attraction with a 13-stage theater, 30-acre circus, arts and crafts fair, and jousting tournament -- all rolled into one non-stop, day-long family adventure. The Renaissance Festival is held near Apache Junction, Arizona- between Phoenix and Tucson. Read about Tickets, Map, Schedules.

What to do at the AZ Renaissance Festival

Arizona Renaissance Festival

By Bob Zucker

Walk among more than 2,000 brightly costumed actors, dancers, and musicians who roam the medieval replica village.

Browse over 200 elaborately adorned shops offering an array of traditional goods surrounded among 13 stages of entertainment.

The Renaissance Festival experience is meeting and interacting with these colorful characters, shopping for arts and crafts, and taking in a selection of over 150 shows every event day.

There is a great variety of food for feasting, and a bevy of beverages including Medieval Margaritas, Da Vinci Coladas, Dukes of Daiquiri, wine, turkey legs, honey mead, beers and ales, along with soft drinks and lemonade.

Renaissance street shows and entertainment

One of the most popular attractions at the AZ Ren Fest is the live jousting tournaments held three times daily, complete with knights on charging horses, clanging weapons and a great deal of braggadocio.

The 16th century Festival is home to many popular traditions including chomping down on a giant roasted turkey leg, and also features demonstrations of time honored crafts such as weaving, glass blowing, blacksmithing and pottery throwing. Find out more about this year's events, entertainment and watch videos at the AZ Renaissance Festival.

Watch Video and learn the history and the Story of Jousting.

Get more details about the Fest: AZ Ren Festival FAQ

Go to the Arizona Renaissance Festival Web Site.

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Main Events for 2015

A most special event within this giant event is The Pleasure Feast. This is a one-and-a-half hour five course medieval feast with live music and comedy entertainment, fine food and ample drink, plus festival gifts and souvenirs. With limited seating twice daily, advance feast reservations are recommended.

Arizona Reniassance Festival

The most unique experience at the Renaissance Festival is the interaction with actors on the street who make everyone a part of the VILLAGE AT PLAY.

Kids will love the interactive games and people-powered rides; Da Vinci’s Flying Machine, The Slider Joust, Piccolo Pony— a rocking horse bigger than an elephant! There is also the Dragon Climbing Tower, Castle Siege, the Maze, Archery Range and much more!

Those washer wenches don’t just act silly on the stage, they make sure their audience members make fools of themselves too. The King is not just some guy in a crown; when you meet royalty at the Festival, it is hard not to bow with everyone else.

Maybe you will be asked to carry a secret message for the Lord Sheriff, or you may find yourself the object of a poet's admiration or scorn. Don’t shy away from these encounters...you’ll have so much more fun if you jump right in!

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