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How to watch these free movies on your computer

Watch these movies from anywhere in the world- free. These movies can be watched online without charge, registration or subscription because they are in the public domain

In some cases, the movie provider (like Hulu) allows just free viewing online.These movies are linked from outside sources that provide free, non-copyrighted, media. Most of the movies are also free to download.

To make it possible for large files move efficiently across the internet to your computer, several factors have to work together. Sometimes, these movies won't play. These are some suggestions to help troubleshoot your problem.

No special software is needed to watch these movies. Just click and play.

Many computers already have the software needed to play these movie files.

Most of these free movies online have a new code that lets the movie play without any special software to download or install.

The start button on most movie screens is either a triangle in the middle of the screen or an icon at the lower left of the movie screen.

Expand size of movie screens

The new code now being added to these movies expands the size of the movie to the full monitor screen.

In most movie boxes, click the icon on the lower right corner. It will enlarge the movie to fill your entire screen.

To go back to this web page, select your Escape key.

How to own these free movies

Since these movies are in the public domain, they can be downloaded to a computer for free.

There is no copyright on public domain materials.

Once downloaded, the movie file can be mashed, edited, freely distributed or rebroadcast on television, narowcasting or personal web sites.

If you do not want to download the movie, they can be purchased through any of our links to affiliate retailers like Amazon.com, iTunes and other movie retailers displayed throughout our web site.

Watching movies on mobile devices

Mobile devices that don't support Java or Flash may not have the software yet available to play the movies directly.

In that case, the movie file will need to be downloaded to a computer.

Some portable devices might require the movie to be in a certain format (like MPG, AVI, etc.). Once the correct format is set, the file can be transferred to the device. Learn how to watch movies using mobile devices.

The Broken "Q" means a broken link

These movies are sponsored through outside sources. Sometimes, the link to the movie source may be broken.

If the movie does not start after a few minutes, or you see a broken "Q" image in the middle of the screen, there may be a problem with the movie link.

We are updating old links. Please report non-playing movies with broken "Q." List the titles that have a problem and we'll check out and repair the links.

If a movie is not playing, report problems here: publisher@emol.org.

Troubleshooting Movie Playing Problems

These movies are very large files that have to be broken into "packets" or pieces and sent to a buffer on your computer to provide streaming video.

If a packet doesn't make it, or arrives too slow, it may break up or stop the movie. Then the movie stops playing until the buffer fills up.

Traffic on our site and on the Internet overall is a factor. If too many people watch the same film, the source may not have enough bandwidth to serve everyone at the same time. It is similar to a rolling blackout.

  • Try at a different time of the day The best time to watch online is during late evening hours in your country. The hours between 8:00-10:00 p.m. (20:00-22:00) have the heaviest traffic. Before or after those times are best.
  • Try a different computer. Sometimes, PC's (and Macintosh) won't respond to menu requests. Varying software versions and computer hardware may limit the ability of the computer to download a file. If you have a newer computer, and still can't download files, try a different browser.
  • Try a different browser. The latest versions of Explorer, Firefox and Safari have a new code that automatically plays the movie file. Test between browsers and make sure you have the latest browser update installed.
  • If you see a broken "Q" in place of the movie screen, it means the link to the movie is broken. Report non-playing movies
  • Nothing works- It may be possible the combination of your computer hardware, or your browser or your Internet connection won't allow you to watch these movies online. Try the other options again.

If you download the movie file to your computer, it will be complete and will play without pausing or stopping anytime you want.

If you experience jerking in the picture and sound, or a very slow start it means the connection serving the movie and the Internet traffic is backing up. Just wait for the buffer to catch up and the movie should start playing shortly afterwards. More movie problems and issues

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