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Watch and download on mobile devices

The movies on this web site can be downloaded or watched online for free. Almost every mobile device (iPhone, iPad, iPod and Touch, Android, Nexus, etc. or cell phone with video capabilities) can play most of the movies automatically without any special actions.

The major concern is the cost to stream any movie, or TV show, over any cellular connection. Most networks, like Verizon and AT&T for example, charge by usage of space. A full length movie could often take up 1 gigabyte of cell use. If your limit is 5GB, you have only 4GB left for the month to do everything else- surf the web, text, email, more downloads, etc.

Avoid any cell charges and still enjoy a movie on your device: Download the file to your PC and synch it to your device!

Mobile Tip: Cellular costs to watch streaming movies could be expensive. Some carriers charge for the download time. There are ways to avoid the extra charges. Use a Wi-Fi connection, not cellular. Avoid all cell phone charges when you download the movie instead of watching real-time.

Watching & downloading
on a mobile device

While many of these movies can play on mobile devices, not all smart phones have the software to watch videos online.

Some of the devices that these movies can play include: iPhone, iPad, iPod, almost all Android and Samsung tablets and smartphones. The downloaded file might have to be converted to a format that works on your device.

In many cases, converting the movie format is not needed.

Movie and sound files can be in various formats: mp3, aiff, wav, for example.

If the movie file is recognized by your mobile device, and begins to play normally, it is not necessary to reformat the file.

The challenge is to get the original video into the correct format for your portable device.

Mobile devices with video capability have some type of video software, like Quicktime or Windows Media Player, to play most movie formats. If it is not recognized, you need to change it to the format that will play.

Many portable Apple products do not yet support Flash players. Since they may not play, they also have to be converted to a format that is recognized by the mobile device.

Try the suggested steps (listed in the right column) to get any movie file to play on most devices.

To get a video into a portable device may require several steps. Read more about downloading free movies to a mobile player.

Adding a webclip or bookmark to your portable

Most devices allow you to bookmark a web page to make it easier to access it later.

Add iPhone web clips to the Home screen for faster access to your favorite webpages. Web clips appear as icons on the Home screen, and you can arrange your web clips along with the other icons.

How to add a web clip on Safari

Open the webpage and tap the + symbol. Then, tap “Add to Home Screen.” When you open a web clip, Safari will automatically zoom and scroll to the area of the webpage that was displayed when you saved the web clip. (from Apple's iPhone tips)

Watching Videos on a TV with an iPhone

Connect your mobile device to a TV and watch videos on the larger screen. Use the Apple Component AV Cable, Apple Composite AV Cable, or other authorized iPhone/iPad or iPod compatible cable.

Also use these cables with the Apple Universal Dock to connect iPhone to your TV. (The Apple Universal Dock includes a remote, which allows you to control playback from a distance.) Apple cables and docks are available for purchase from Apple. (Apple iPhone Tips).

Steps to Download Free Movies to Mobile Device

1. Download the movie

The first step is to download the movie to your computer using a cable or Wi-Fi connection. There are several download options, depending on your computer. Find out more how to download free movies from our web site.

2. Convert the video for mobile

After you download a movie or video file, it has to be in a format that is recognized by your mobile device. Every model is different but most devices recognize most formats.

This can sometimes be confusing. Many different formats and devices exist. But there are some formats that seem to play on most devices- Apple's Quicktime, Flash and Windows Media Player. If your device plays video, it has one of these already installed.

Convert to iPod/iPhone/iPad or other iTunes compatible device

If you add a video from iTunes to the iPod, iPad or iPhone and a message says the video can’t play on iPhone, you can convert the video.

  • Select the video in your iTunes library and choose Advanced > “Create iPod or iPhone Version.”
  • Add the converted video to iPhone (Apple iPhone Tips). Then synch.

Also, video conversion software, such as Adobe Software and Roxio Software, can be used to convert video files into many formats for a variety of platforms.

3. Watch movies on your mobile

Once synched to your mobile device, the movie can be played automatically. Apple products will find the correct software to play the video.

Movie files are often several hundred megabytes in size. Build up a library of downloaded movies, and select or deselect movies as you watch them.

Or, watch movies online

The latest wireless technology, 3G and WiMax, make the Internet available far beyond wifi hot spots and cables.

Most web browsers can locate the correct movie player needed to play the movie file. But some devices cannot. Check your device specifications to see what movie formats it accepts if you aren't sure why the movie doesn't play.

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