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How to Download These Free Movies

Most of these free movies, linked from The Entertainment Magazine, can be downloaded directly to your computer. These movies are in the public domain. Tthere is no charge to download or watch them.

Once downloaded, these movie file can be played on any computer or synched to a portable device without a cost or royalty fee. The movie can be transferred to memory sticks, flash drives, burned on DVDs, stored on clouds or another storage device for later use. To download movies for mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, Androids and other smartphones with video capabilities, the movie needs to be downloaded on a computer, then synched with the device. Read more about mobile downloading.

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Movie Download Tips

By Robert Zucker

Most often, these movies are easy to download.

Watch the movie. Then try the download steps.

Since these are very large files, it is easier to play the movie, then download it.

If you have a slow Internet connection (such as a dial up telephone), the downloading process can take much longer.

To make a copy of the movie:

  • Play the movie.
  • After it is finished, use the "save as" option.
  • Save the file to your hard drive. It will download to your computer.

Downloading Hints:

  • Download the file overnight when Internet traffic is lower.
  • Use a broadband, cable or WiFi connection to download to a computer.
  • Do not download a movie from a cell phone unless you can afford the celluar wireless rates. Use your computer's internet connection instead.

The download process happens after the movie has played.

As the movie plays, parts of the file are buffered on your hard drive to start the streaming process.

When the movie is finished, the file is fully buffered and available for download.

See the "Steps to Download the Movie" in the middle column for more information and suggestions.

Still Have Problems?

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Troubleshooting Problems

Some computers may not be able to download the movie. If the option to "Save" or "Save As" is not available, the file cannot be downloaded.

These are some options to try if the connection is slow or not available ont he computer you are using.

  • Try a different Internet connection. If your connection speed is less than 256kb (DSL or Cable Modem speed), then the movie might not play or take a longer time to start playing or downloading. If you have a slower, 64kb dial up modem, try to download from a faster line.
  • Try a different computer. Sometimes, PC's (and Macintosh) won't respond to menu requests. Varying software versions and computer hardware may limit the ability of the computer to download a file. If you have a newer computer, and still can't download files, try a different browser.
  • Try a different browser. Explorer, Firefox, Safari all look similar, but they may have different ways to download files. Try each one (make sure the others are not launched). Use the HTTP or FTP options, if available.
  • Nothing works- I still can't download. It may be possible the combination of your computer's hardware, your browser and Internet connection won't allow you to download these files. If not, enjoy them anyway. We are working on new downloading methods all of the time. Still can't View Movies?

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Steps to Download

Any of these methods can be tried to download the movie. Every browser and computer handle downloads differently, so try several optins:

1. Use "Download Movie" Link

Any movie that can be downloaded free has a link titled "Download Movie."

  • Select the link to download.
  • This link brings up a new web page with the list of the movie, images and text files.
  • Click on a MP4, MPG or AVI file.

2. Option-click

Option-click on the movie screen. Select the download link option.

3. Safari browser download

Open the Downloads window in Safari and paste the URL into it. The download will start immediately.

Use the "Save As" Option

  • When the movie is finished playing, click on the triangle at the lower right of the movie screen
  • Hold your mouse button down and select the "save as" menu command
  • The movie should start download to your hard drive.

Download Time: When you start the movie download process, your computer will connect to the source host computer for the movie files. The download time depends on your computer speed and modem connection speed. Large files will take a long time to download. About 100MB file can take up to 5 minutes on a broadband connection, and up to an hour on a slower modem dial up connection.

Editing the movie file: The movie file can be opened in many movie or video editing software programs, like iMovie. The movie can be ripped and burned on CD, DVD, memory stick or transferred to a mobile device. Read more about editing your movie file.

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