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Discount promotional codes save money

Find dozens of online promo codes

There is no doubt that if you possess a promotional code, you can get a discount far beyond any published merchant sale. This extra edge can amount to big savings.

Promotional codes are not easy to find. They are often not available on the merchants web site. Promotion codes are not usually published in newspapers or magazines. But, promo codes are often found posted on affiliate web sites like ours.

Entertainment Magazine has access to many major and independent merchants who provide us with their in-house discount promo codes to give our visitors an extra incentive when shopping online.

These promotional codes are only good through selected web sites. The codes listed below are in addition to our own promotion and should be added during checkout where requested. Enjoy!

What is a promotional code?

Also known as coupon codes, promotional codes are usually a series of random letters and or numbers used during the online check out process to get an extra discount on the purchase. Some businesses use catchy words like PROMOCODE or freebie2008.

These discount codes are provided by the merchant and often have an expiration date. The code must be entered into a special text box or the discount will not apply.

There are a variety of promotional codes used. Free shipping promotional codes are very popular and can save 5-10% off the final purchase price. The savings can exceed the cost of gas and time needed to drive to a store and purchase the product in person.

How to Use Promotional Codes

Some online merchants offer additional discounts when you type in a special promotional code. These items are marked as a reminder to enter at checkout.

Promotional codes are provided by companies to encourage sales, give group or corporate discounts and to make short term incentives.

If you have a travel, car rental or other promotional codes from other sources, or when listed on our web site, be sure to include them in your check out. Otherwise, you will not receive the discount from the offer.

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