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Entertainment Magazine (EMOL.org) has been providing our visitors with free movies online for over six years. There is no cost to watch or download these movies. No regiatration or subscription is required. If you paid some other web site to watch these movies, don't be fooled. We never charge for movies embedded on our pages. To learn more about watching and downloading free movies, read the Free Movie FAQ.

Free Movies A-Z


"A Christmas Without Snow" (1980)
"Aladdin and The Wonderful Lamp" (1934)
Alice in Wonderland (1903)
"The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss" (1936)
"The Amazing Transparent Man" (1960)
"Angel and the Badman" (1947)
"Angel on My Shoulder" (1946)
"The Ape" (1947)
"Arizona Kid"


"Baby Face Morgan" (1942)
"Beat the Devil" (1954)
"The Bee's Buzz" (1929)
"Below the Deadline" (1936)
Betty Boop cartoons
"The Big Trees" (1952)
"Billy the Kid- Trapped" (1942)
"Bloodlust" (1961)
"Blood Tide" (1983) Starring James Earl Jones
"Boy! What a Girl!" (1946)
"The Brain That Wouldn't Die" (1962)
"Bride of the Gorilla" (1951)
"Brideless Groom" The Three Stooges (1947)
Buffalo Dance (1894)
Bugs Bunny cartoons


"Calendar Girl" (1947)
"Call of the Yukon" (1938)
"Captain Calamity" (1936)
"Captain Kidd"
"Carnival of Souls" (1962)
"Caspar the Friendly Ghost
"Charade" (1963)
Charlie Chaplin Film Festival (1917)
"Color Craziness" The New Three Stooges (1965)
"Cowboy from Sundown" (1940)
"The Contender" (1944)
"The Corpse Vanishes" (1942)
"Crashing Through Danger" (1938)
"Cyrano de Bergerac" (1950)

"20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" (1916)


"Danger Ahead" (1935)
Dick Tracy series
"The Dick Van Dyke Show" (1961-66)
"Dishonored Lady" (1947)
"Disorder in the Court" The Three Stooges (1936)
"Dixie Jamboree" (1944)
"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" (1920)
"Dr. Kildare's Strange Case" (1940)
"Dressed To Kill" Sherlock Holmes (1946)


"Eternally Yours" (1939) Starring Loretta Young, David Niven
Evel Knievel (1971)


"Fashion in Arizona in the 1930s"
"The Fast and the Furious" (1954)
"Father's Little Dividend" (1951) stars Spencer Tracy, Elizibeth Taylor and Billie Burke
"Faust" (1926)
Felix the Cat
"Finding His Voice"
"Fire Over England" (1937)
FLASH GORDON Series (1940)
"Flying Deuces" (1929) Laurel and Hardy


"That Gang of Mine" (1940)
"The Ghost Walks" (1934)
"Girl o' My Dreams" (1934)
"Der Golem" (1939)
"The Great Gabbo" (1929)
"Great Guy" (1936) with James Cagney
"Great Expectations"
"The Green Glove" (1952)
"Guilliver's Travels" (1939)
"Gunsmoke Ranch" (1937)


"Happy Go Lovely" (1951)
"Heading Home" Babe Ruth (1930)
"Heartbeat" (1946)
"Hell Ship Mutiny" (1957)
"Hercules" (1958)
"Hercules Against the Moon Men" (1964)
"Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon" (1964)
"Hercules Unchained" (1959)
"Sons of Hercules" (1963)
"His Double Life" (1933)
"His First Flame" (1927)
"His Girl Friday" (1940)
"Horace Takes Over" (1942)
"Hollywood and Vine" (1945)
"Hook Line and Sinker" (1930)
"The House On Haunted Hill" (1959) Starring Vincent Price


I Dream of Jeannie Barbara Eden Larry Hagman"I Dream of Jeannie."
"Inner Sanctum" (1948)
"Inspector General" (1949)
"The Iron Mask" (1929)


"Jack and the Beanstalk" (1952) Abbott and Costello
Jack Benny TV Show
Jackie Robinson Story
"Jen X" (2007)
The Jetsons
John Glenn Story
"Jungle Book" (1942)


"Das Kabinett des Doktor Caligari" (1919/20)
Keystone Cops
"Kids Auto Race At Venice" (1914) Charlie Chaplin
"King Solomon's Mines" (1937)


"La Ciociara (Two Women)" (1960) Starring Sophie Loren
"Lady Frankenstein" (1971)
"Lady Says No" (1952)
"The Last Man on Earth" (1964)
"The Last Time I Saw Paris" (1954)
Laurel & Hardy
"Li'l Abner" movie (1940)
"Little Lord Fauntleroy" (1936)
"Little Men" (1940)
"Little Princess"
"The Long Shot" (1939)
"Lost in the Stratosphere" (1934)
"The Lost World" (1925)
Louis Armstrong
"Love Island" (1950)
Lucky Strike commercial


"M - Eine Stadt sucht einen Moerder" (1931)
"Machine Gun Mama" (1944)
"Made for Each Other" (1939)
Mclintock! (1963)
"The Mad Monster" (1942)
"Making A Living" (1914) Charlie Chalpin
"Malice in the Palace" The Three Stooges (1949)

"The Man Who Knew Too Much" (1934)
"Mark of Zorro" (1920)
"Martyrs of the Alamo" (1915)
Mighty Mouse
"Million Dollar Weekend" (1948)
"Misbehaving Husbands" (1940)
"Mr. Reckless" (1948)
"Mr Robinson Crusoe" (1932)
Starring Douglas Fairbanks
"My Dear Secretary" (1949)
"My Man Godfrey" (1936)
"My Favorite Brunette" (1947)
"My Pal Trigger" (1946) Starring Roy Rogers

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"Nancy Drew... Reporter" (1939)

"Night of the Living Dead"

"Nosferatu" (1922)


"Oh Susanna" (1936)
"Oliver Twist"
"Our Town" (1940)


"The Payoff" (1942)
"Pecos Kid" (1936)
"Penny Serenade" (1941)
"Perils of Pauline" (1947) Stars Betty Hutton
"The Phantom of the Opera" (1925)
"Phantom Ship" (1942)
"The Pied Piper of Hamelin" (1957) Van Johnson
Popeye the Sailor Man
Porky Pig
"Private Buckaroo" (1942)
"Private Snuffy Smith" (1942)


"Rashomon" (1950)
"Renfrew of the Royal Mounted" (1937)
"Ride Ranger Ride (1936)
"Road to Romance"

"Robin Hood" (1922) Starring Douglas Fairbanks
"Rock, Rock, Rock" (1952)
"Royal Wedding" (1951)
"Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer" (1948)


"Santa Clause Conquers the Martians" (1964)
"Santa's Surprise"
"Scared to Death" (1947)
"Scarlet Street" (1945)
"School's Out" (1930)
"Scrooge" (1935)
"Second Chorus" (1940)
"Sheriff of Tombstone" (1941)
Sherlock Holmes movies
"Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon" (1954)
Snow Foolin' - 1949
"So This Is Washington" (1943)
"So's Your Aunt Emma" (1942) Also known as "Meet the Mob"
"Sons of Hercules" (1963)
Spanky and Our Gang - The Little Rascals (1930)
"Suddenly" (1954) Frank SInatra
"Sundowners" (1950)
"The Sunset Murder Case" (1938)
Superman cartoons
"Sword of Lancelot" (1963)


"Texas, Brooklyn and Heaven" (1948)
"Texas Terror" (1935)
"The Boy in the Plastic Bubble" (1976)
"The Ed Sullivan Show"
"The Little Shop Of Horrors" (1960)
"The Lucy Show"
Hitchcock's "The 39 Steps" (1935)
"The Case of the Cunningham Heritage" Sherlock Holmes (1954)
"The Case of the Texas Cowgirl" Sherlock Holmes (1954)
"The Case of Lady Beryl" Sherlock Holmes (1954)
"The Dark Eyes Of London" (1939)
"The Great Train Robbery" (1903)
"The Grass is Greener" (1961) Starring Cary Grant, Robert Mitchum
"The Legend of Marilyn Monroe" (1963)
"The Night Before Christmas Silent Movie" (1908)
"The Perils of Pauline" (1947) Stars Betty Hutton
"The Private Life of Don Juan" In his last film role, in 1934, Douglas Fairbanks stars as an ageing legendary lady-killer Don Juan.
"The Snows of Kilimanjaro" (1952) Starring Gregory Peck
"The Talking Magpies" (1946)
"The Time of Your Life" (1948) with James Cagney
"The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" (1910)
"They Call Me Trinity" (1971)
"Things to Come" (1936)
"This is the Army"
"Til the Clouds Roll By" (1946) Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra
Tom and Jerry
"Tombstone Canyon" (1932)
"Topper Returns" (1941)
"The Tramp" (1915) Charlie Chaplin
"Two Weeks to Live" (1943)


"Under California Stars" (1948) with Roy Rogers and Trigger

"Utopia" (1951) Laurel and Hardy


"The Vagabond" (1916) Charlie Chaplin
The Vampire Bat (1933)
"The Wasp Woman" (1960)


"West of the Divide" (1934)
Woody Woodpecker


"The Yanks Are Coming" (1942)
"Young at Heart" (1954) starring Doris Day
"Young Buffalo Bill" (1940) stars Roy Rogers



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Bellagio Fountains, Las Veags
The Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV Strip
"Pavarotti at the Venetian"
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Tucson Rodeo

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