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These classic drama and historical films made their premiere in the movies theaters during the 1920s through 1950s. Then, they were broadcast on TV and cable.

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Frank Sinatra Collection:


(1954) A small town is scarred only by sherriff Tod Shaw's unsuccessful courtship of Ellen Beuson, a pacitist who can't abide guns and those who use them.

"Till the Clouds Roll By"

(1946) Musical biopic on the career of pioneering Hollywood composer Jerome Kern.

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"Little Princess" Stars Shirley Temple and Cesar Romero.

"Nancy Drew... Reporter" (1939)

Nancy Drew, the adolescent detective, is a school newspaper reporter to help clear a girl of murder charges.

"The Pied Piper of Hamelin" (1957) Van Johnson, the popular Hollywood star in the '40s and '50s with films such as "30 Seconds over Tokyo," "A Guy Named Joe" and "The Caine Mutiny," died on Friday, December 12, 2008 of natural causes. He was 92 years old.


Follow Joe Friday in the original series of Dragnet.

"Dr. Kildare"

The original Dr. Kildare television show.

"20,000 Leagues Under the Sea"

Marshalling the expertise underwater experts Ernest and George Williamson, and Universal Studios financed the extensive production which would require location photography, large sets, exotic costumes, sailing ships, and a full-size navigable mock-up of the surfaced submarine Nautilus. (1916)

"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"

"Great Expectations"

Mary Badham "To Kill a Mockingbird" trailer and profile

In the minds of many people, the word “scout” conjures up routine images of exploration, observation, and organized youth troops. But to the die-hard movie fan - particularly those can’t-get-enough-of-them film aficionados who grew up in The Sixties - that word “scout” calls to mind primarily one thing: the critically-acclaimed film To Kill a Mockingbird and its then ten-year-old star, Mary Badham, who played the role of Jean Louise “Scout” Finch.

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"The Phantom of the Opera" (1925)
"Faust" (1926)
"The Great Gabbo" (1929)


"Mr Robinson Crusoe" (1932) "Danger Ahead" (1935)
"Scrooge" (1935)
"Great Guy" (1936) James Cagney
"The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss" with Cary Grant (1936)
"Fire Over England" (1937)
"Crashing Through Danger" (1938)
"Nancy Drew... Reporter" (1939)
"The Dark Eyes Of London" (1939)


"Dr. Kildare's Strange Case" (1940)
"Little Men" (1940)
"Our Town" (1940)
"Topper Returns" (1941)
"So's Your Aunt Emma" (1942)
"Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon" (1943)
Holmes "Dressed to Kill" (1946)
"Phantom Ship" (1942)
"Dixie Jamboree" (1944)
"The Contender" (1944)
"Scarlet Street" (1945)
Angel On My Shoulder" (1946)
"Heartbeat" (1946) Ginger Rogers
"Till the Clouds Roll By" (1946)


"Rashomon" (1950) Japanese
"Father's Little Dividend" (1951) stars Spencer Tracy, Elizibeth Taylor and Billie Burke
"The Green Glove" (1952) Glen Ford
"The Big Trees" (1952) Kirk Douglas
"The Snows of Kilimanjaro" (1952) Starring Gregory Peck
"Beat the Devil" (1954) Bogart
"The Last Time I Saw Paris" (1954)
"Suddenly" (1954) with Frank Sinatra
"Man With the Golden Arm" (1955) with Frank Sinatra


"La Ciociara (Two Women)" (1960) Sophie Loren
"Sword of Lancelot" (1963)
"The Legend of Marilyn Monroe" (1963)
"The Last Man on Earth" (1964)


"Lady Frankenstein" (1971)


"Blood Tide" (1983) Starring James Earl Jones

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Actress Elizabeth Taylor passed away on March 23, 2011 at age 79. Watch and download The Last Time I Saw Paris starring Elizabeth Taylor in this heartwrenching tale of a love gone sour.

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