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Watch and download free movies, music videos, classic TV shows and trailers on your PC or mobile device. There is no cost for these movies since they are in the public domain and no longer have a copyright. This free movie catalog includes a collection of nearly 200 classic films- comedies, cartoons, dramas, romance, westerns, classic TV shows and dozens of music videos, video clips and movie trailers.

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How to watch and download free movies

There are two options to view these free movies. Play them instantly and watch the movies online, or download them to watch later.

These movies use a new code found in many browsers that provide quick streaming video without any special software.

These movies play automatically if you have either Quicktime or Windows Media Player installed. You can also choose several different play and download options for each movies. A new format is also being installed so movies play streaming in a larger screen. Select free movies to watch and download.

The Free Movie FAQ tells how to improve your experience, learn new techniques for watching and downloading movies from the Internet and helps solve problems.

  • Watch directly on your computer. Select a movie title. Choose a play speed. The movie will start to play. How to watch free movies
  • Download the movies to a PC. Watch the movie, and just save the movie file to play it later. Transfer to a mobile. How to download free movies. Browse the list of free movies to download.

If you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or other mobile video player, watch movies on your device. Download the movie to your PC and synch it to your video device. Learn more about transferring movies to your mobile.

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These free movies and downloads are courtesy of Entertainment Magazine (EMOL.org). We are able to provide this free web service through the support of our affiliate advertisers throughout our site. Most major retailers accept international sales and deliveries.

Watch TV shows on your PC

Most major television programs are now being available for free. Watch a collection of top shows from NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, HBO, Discovery and other TV and cable networks. Watch free TV online.

Watch movie trailers online

Watch new and upcoming movie trailers of films to be released by the major movie studios. Read detailed film production notes, cast bios and photos, movies reviews, blogs and other interactive features. Find out about the new Films and watch movie trailers and clips.

See Classic TV Shows

You can also watch and download full length episodes of classic television programs from the 1950s and 1960s like Honeymooners, Dick Van Dyke, The Lucy Show, Beverly Hillbillies, Johnny Carson, Milton Berle, Dr. Kildare, TV game shows and more. Browse the catalog of TV Shows.

Play movies on a mobile device

These movies can be downloaded to your computer and transferred or synched to a mobile device like an iPhone, iPod, smartphone or other portable video device. These movies can also be burned to CDs or DVDs. Read more about downloading movies to watch on a mobile.

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Read about Online Streaming Videos and Movies.

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Movie Feeds & Trailers

These pages link to free RSS feeds from Fandango and other top entertainment sources that are updated with video clips, new trailers, news and features.

Christmas Movies & Cartoons

Betty White
NEW: Betty White

Charlie CHaplin movie

Charlie Chaplin

Frank Sinatra

Watch and download classic Frank Sinatra films such as "Suddenly," "Till the Clouds Roll By," and "Man with the Golden Arm"

Elizabeth Taylor

Actress Elizabeth Taylor died on March 23, 2011 at age 79. Watch and download The Last Time I Saw Paris starring Elizabeth Taylor and Van Johnson star in this heartwrenching tale of a love gone sour.

Betty Boop cartoonCartoon Festival:
Betty Boop

The first sex-bombshell of the animated world, Betty Boop wooed movie-goers of the 1930s in this series.

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Problems with viewing any of these movies? Occasionally, links to movies break, or go out of date, and must be repaired. Please let us know if you can't watch a particular movie title. Email: report problems.

How to get 3D on your TV

Several new products are now available provide a 3-D movie theater experience in your home. To get 3-D images on your TV or computer monitor you will need:

1. 3-D TV: New HDTV's, monitors
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3. 3-D Glasses: Better Quality

3-D Gaming: 3-D on a PC | 3-D Mobile: Eyewear free 3D

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