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Streaming Is More Practical Than Downloading

Online movie rentals are a popular way to get low cost movie rentals without having to drive to the store. Blockbuster Video and Netflix are, by far, the top online movie rental web sites. They have a strong reputation and deliver fast videos by snail mail. But they only offer DVD to PO service.

Technology, copyrights and commerce still makes it difficult to download more movie rentals online. Connection speeds are still too slow for the massive files that have to travel over the web- often in the multi-gigabytes in size.

The person receiving the download has to have enough space on a hard drive to store the movie (more than most DVDs can hold).

The movie also needs to be in a format compatible with the computer's DVD player (DVD or Blue Ray?)

Add to that, copyright issues that still to be resolved among the movie distributors and you see that legal, safe, online movie downloads are still a year or so away.

But, technology and commercial negotiations seem to expedite when all parties finally agree on making enough money (except the consumer, of course, who has to pay for it).

Because the online DVD rental market is almost obsolete, streaming video has become the norm.

Popular Streaming Video Services

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