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Movie rental downloads still in infancy

Faster downloads, Direct to TV and Mobile Streaming available

Online movie rentals are a popular way to get low cost movie rentals without having to drive to the store. Blockbuster Video and Netflix are, by far, the top online movie rental web sites. They have a strong reputation and deliver fast videos by snail mail. But they only offer DVD to PO service.

Popular Online Streaming Video Services

Online Video Service Description and Partners Current Offer

Amazon Video on Demand

Instantly watch and download HD movies and TV shows on your TiVo DVR. Mac or PC. Studio previews for a huge range of recent and classic movies or tv shows avaliable from the Unbox video download service. The Amazon Unbox video downloads store has thousands of DVD-quality TV shows, movies, and more for you to purchase or rent. Panasonic, Roku, Samsung, Sony, TiVo $2-$4 (SD), $4-$5 (HD)

Technology, copyrights and commerce still makes it difficult to download more movie rentals online. Connection speeds are still too slow for the massive files that have to travel over the web- often in the multi-gigabytes in size.

The person receiving the download has to have enough space on a hard drive to store the movie (more than most DVDs can hold).

The movie also needs to be in a format compatible with the computer's DVD player (DVD or Blue Ray?)

Add to that, copyright issues that still to be resolved among the movie distributors and you see that legal, safe, online movie downloads are still a year or so away.

But, technology and commercial negotiations seem to expedite when all parties finally agree on making enough money (except the consumer, of course, who has to pay for it).

MP3 Source, is a contender in the online download market. This web site offers downloads of movies, music, videos, software and games for a monthly price.

Best Buy and Netflix to Stream Movies Over the Internet

Insignia, a Best Buy Co., Inc. exclusive brand, and Netflix, Inc. , the world's largest online movie rental service, announced the availability of two new Insignia Blu-ray Disc Players that enable Netflix members to instantly watch movies and TV episodes streamed from Netflix over the Internet to their televisions. Continue reading about the new streaming movie agreement and the Disc-Players.

Online Movie Rentals

Movie, DVD and video rentals by mail are still the best way to get high quality, full-length, and current movie releases. Blockbuster movies rentals and movie rentals from Netflix have been the pioneers in DVD rentals on the web.

Because the online DVD rental market is competitive, both companies offer introductory promotions, free shipping and other incentives for a monthly price. These promos and codes change often, just like other technology promos.

It's not too far in the future when you will be able to click and download a movie rental that only has limited play and restricted or no copying functions.

In the meantime, enjoy free classic movie downloads of public domain films. These files are less than a gigabyte and will download to most computers and can be transferred to mobile devices like iPod and PDA's.

Online Movie Rental News:

Wal-mart to resume online movie sales

A movie streaming service, Vudu, recently purchased by Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. signals that the retail giant will again be selling online movies. Wal-Mart launched a movie download service in 2007, but canceled less than a year later. Continue reading about Wal-Mart online movie rentals.

Amazon offers video on demand; Watch and download top movie and TV releases from Amazon.com

Purchase New Movies on iTunes Same Day as DVD Release. New releases and catalog titles will be available from 20th Century Fox, The Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios Home Entertainment, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Lionsgate, Image Entertainment and First Look Studios.

Wal-Mart Boosts Volume of Blu-ray and Hi Def Among More New Electronics Enhancements

PLAYSTATION (R) 3 To Support New Interactive Blu-ray Movie Features (BD-LIVE) With Upcoming System Software Update; PS3 (TM) Owners Will Soon Enjoy Downloadable Movie Content, Games And More With Blu-ray Disc (TM) Profile 2.0; PS3's Interoperability With PSP (R) Will Also Be Enhanced. Read more...

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