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09/21/2011 - 12:23
09/21/2020 - 12:23

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  • Amazon offers more than 10,000 non-perishable grocery items--and our selection is growing every day
  • Amazon can ship all products for free via Super Saver Shipping or Amazon Prime
  • Amazon has great everyday prices plus special offers on your favorite brands
  • Amazon makes it exceptionally easy to find products you buy routinely, or to discover new items

As an Amazon customer, you expect to find an unparalleled combination of selection and value, no matter what type of product you seek. That's exactly the premise we started with in building Amazon Grocery.

To that foundation, Amazon added features that would create a new kind of shopping experience, one where it's easy to keep track of the groceries you want and easy to discover new favorites, and then have them delivered to your door free via Super Saver Shipping or Amazon Prime.

Wide Selection of Foods at Amazon

At Amazon Grocery, you'll find longtime staples, from Kellogg's to Jiffy Pop. You'll find new entries, such as Kashi cereals and Kraft Easy Mac microwavable snack packets.

And when Amazon carries a brand, they try to carry every flavor available: not just the most popular flavors of Jell-O, but all flavors, from apricot to wild strawberry and the 70 flavors in-between.

Amazon is also making regional favorites like Andy Capp Hot Fries available nationwide, and making hard-to-find specialties like Zico Pure Coconut Water a standard part of our mix.

Amazon also has an extensive selection of natural and organic products. If you haven't heard of Immaculate Baking Company or Bear Naked, let us be the first to introduce you to these earth-friendly brands and their fantastic products.

Value of purchasing food online

Amazon's goal at Amazon Grocery is to make sure you find the products you want, available at a competitive price, shipped free via Super Saver Shipping or Amazon Prime.

To do this, Amazon is working with manufacturers on ways to keep per-unit costs low. For example, items you purchase might come in larger packs than you see at a traditional grocery store, and Amazon might ship a product in a manufacturer's original case.

Because Amazon only carries products when theye can offer great prices and free shipping, Amazon doesn't carry everything (yet!). For example, Amazon doesn't currently offer perishable food items such as milk, fresh meat, or peaches, because we can't ship these for free. But, they work on improving our selection every day, so check back often to see what they added.

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