Start Networking Now If You Graduate In May

Start Networking Now If You Graduate In May, Says

College seniors who want to have a job when they graduate in May need to start networking now, says, The Wall Street Journal's guide for career-minded college students.

Job-seekers are preparing their resumes for what may be the strongest fall hiring season in years. Numerous indicators suggest the job market is brightening after a long gloomy spell. The national unemployment rate, at 5%, is at the lowest level since September 2001; job searches are becoming shorter; and job changes are becoming more frequent.

"While finding a job may be getting easier, it still will take several months of job hunting before you get an offer of full-time employment," says Tony Lee, publisher,

College seniors should spend time at their school's career center making phone calls and sending emails to employers, as well as conducting research. While doing this research, they should find out about the shareholders, financial information and strategy at potential employers.

"College seniors who hope to land a job at graduation have to be particularly aggressive and start taking steps now to ensure success in May," Mr. Lee says. "Networking is one of the most effective tools in a job hunter's arsenal." advises students to:

* Connect with young alumni who work for an employer that interests you.

* Talk to your parents' friends, friends' parents, professors and school administrators.

* Go to the college career center to help make connections with those who work in your field. says seniors who do land a job should be ready to work hard, work quickly and make an immediate impact, knowing that even as newcomers to the work force they will need to justify and fight for their jobs from the start. Most will be expected to produce immediate results, report to a manager, and satisfy the needs and desires of a boss or clients.

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