Paula Abdul and DNA Studio Create the 'Cardio Cheer' Phenomenon

Paula Abdul and DNA Studio Create the 'Cardio Cheer' Phenomenon

'An Exercise Program That Will Make You Stand up and Cheer!!'

Paula Abdul's extraordinary career -- which includes worldwide album sales exceeding 40 million records, two Emmy Awards and her role as the heart and soul of the record breaking television series, "American Idol" -- all began with her days as cheerleader for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Now Paula has created a new fitness sensation -- a high-energy, comprehensive cheerleading and dance fitness program. This series is for the millions of girls of all ages who dream of making their school's cheer squad, improving their dancing, or those who just want to claim a leaner, stronger, more toned body.

Motivated by legendary cheerleaders like Paula and movies like "Bring It On," more than four million students dance, or perform on a cheer squad and millions more are looking for an edge to help them make the team -- or just get in great shape. And millions more adults are always looking to get a leaner, stronger body with an exercise program that is fun, full of energy and that will teach them to get rid of their two left feet.

"Cheerleading is a combination of three things I know -- fitness, dance and music," said co-creator and executive producer Paula Abdul. "I felt that creating Cardio Cheer would be a great way to teach dance, build confidence, help today's kids be healthy in a way that will be welcoming -- not intimidating." Reductions in school programs and extracurricular activities, have greatly limited fitness options. With Cardio Cheer, girls can learn to dance and get in shape at home -- and feel great about going out for their team or squad, attending a school dance or going to a club with confidence.

The first wave in the CARDIO CHEER Movement is FITNESS, a five-disc series that teaches you how to get the body of a professional cheerleader. Working with Century City-based production and marketing company DNA Studio, Paula has brought together a Cheerleading All-Star team, Renee Herlocker and Candice Jones from the Denver Broncos, Traci Swain of the New York Knicks and Lindsay Rosenberg of Los Angeles Clippers, to motivate the next generation of cheerleaders to new levels of fitness. The series will hit December 10th and aspiring cheerleaders will be offered, for the very first time, a package that shares -- and breaks down -- the training techniques, moves, skills and drills of the professionals. It's everything a cheerleader needs to tighten the body, increase flexibility, add punch to jumps and take her performance to new heights.

The second wave of the Cardio Cheer movement -- DANCE -- will hit in Spring 2006. Where FITNESS inspired the body, DANCE sets it free! As choreographer for the Laker Girls and numerous feature films, Paula changed the face of modern cheerleading. Now, along with professional cheerleaders and dancers, she'll bring her legendary moves and innovative teaching techniques right into the living room and gyms of the next generation of cheerleading stars.

The third wave -- CARDIO CHEER MUSIC -- will really turn up the heat in the Summer of 2006. Also known for her multi-platinum, Grammy-winning recording career and such hits as "Straight Up," "Rush, Rush," and "Forever Your Girl," Paula will produce a CD featuring re-mixed performances by top musical artists tailored to be the perfect accompaniment to high energy, high impact, dazzling cheer and dance routines.

On the panel of "American Idol," Paula calls upon her expertise to judge what it takes to be a star for a fortunate few. With the CARDIO CHEER Movement, she uses that expertise to help shape, strengthen and inspire the talent, creativity and confidence that lives in everyone.

Chris Gibbin, DNA Studio COO and executive producer of CARDIO CHEER, says, "Millions of girls are devoted to their cheer squads and to improving their performances, but no one had ever provided them with the complete package to let them know what it really takes to reach their personal best. Now they can hear it straight from Paula and the pros themselves."

Currently in post-production, this inspiring DVD series was shot in HD at the Warner Studios Back Lot. "The neighborhood set," says executive producer Matti Leshem, "is really a tribute to all the homes across America where cheerleading dreams are born."

This complete set will be released this holiday season and sold exclusively by DNA Studio through the web ( and a dedicated call center at 1-877-24-CHEER.

The Denver Broncos' Candice Jones, one of the series' four stars, agrees. "I only wish that when I was younger there could have been a mentor to give me direction and encouragement. But now, working with Paula on CARDIO CHEER, I get to use my experience to help others reach their goals."


Disc One: STRETCH. From her years as a Lakers Girl, Paula Abdul knows that warming up with a great stretch is a key element in achieving an outstanding and injury free cheerleading performance. Together with the Denver Broncos' Candice Jones, Paula gets right to work on flexibility and balance. By lengthening your muscles and targeting your breathing, Candice prepares your body to deal with anything you might throw at it. It's a great routine to do before or after any of the other four workouts.

Disc Two: POWER. Paula and Traci Swain of the New York Knicks put your athleticism to the test with a routine that results in the explosive power in the core that gives cheerleaders their edge -- and great abs! As on all the discs, Paula reveals inside tips that will maximize the effectiveness of your work out and lead to faster results.

Disc Three: MOVES. From the High V and Low V to dagger position and reaches, mastering the moves on this disc, with the help of Paula and Denver Bronco Renee Herlocker, will make your routines sparkle with the assurance of a pro. Renee puts the emphasis on making clean, sharp movements while keeping a smile on your face, essentials for game day, tryouts and competitions.

Disc Four: JUMP. Candice Jones of the Denver Broncos is back, and this time she joins up with Paula armed with a bench and jump rope to put you through a range of physically demanding leg sets. Ramp up those old school jumping-jacks to performance levels and feel the burn. It's time to put some air in your routines.

Disc Five: ENDURANCE. Paula Abdul won't say quit, and after this cardiovascular workout using jump ropes and hand weights, you won't have to either. The leg lifts alone will separate the cheer-hopers from the cheer-leaders, so get ready to go four quarters with Lindsay Rosenberg of Los Angeles Clippers as she guides you through this high energy workout.

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