A Line in the Sand

It is true that you cannot legislate morality. There are laws and when they are broken there are consequences but there is no way to put into writing that you have to do the right thing.

It is up to us, with each of our choices, to be our own moral compass. This has led to a lot of problems to say the least.

It almost bankrupted the Catholic religion to say the most.

So there can be a financial punishment for immoral behavior. That just convolutes everything further as some immoral choices can be smoothed over with the right sum of money.

The addition of money has other dire consequences as well. The Penn State football program was a profit making machine for decades. There was a sexual predator creating victims on the campus while the machine kept on making everyone money. Those with power chose to ignore the predator as to not disturb the machine with a scandal.

And after those terrible scandals were revealed, the Catholic religion survived while the Penn State football team won eight games this past year.

It is like nothing ever happened at all.

No, you cannot legislate morality. You cannot put into writing that you should not choose to take performance enhancing drugs in order to be a better athlete.

So there can be financial glory for immoral behavior. That just convolutes everything further as Lance Armstrong used attention from winning to aid cancer research. The culture of cycling is so deplorable that the United States athletes were hated for being so good at cheating.

Are you as proud of our guys as I am?

No, you cannot legislate morality but you can draw a line in the sand and that is what the baseball writers of America did in 2013.

Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens both had Hall of Fame baseball careers. Neither Bonds nor Clemens ever failed a drug test. But in their first years of eligibility, neither were voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

They were not voted in because we all know. We all know that Major League Baseball did not even test for drugs during part of their careers. Clemens even beat a perjury case but...

So Clemens lied about doing drugs then he beat a case where the feds said he lied about doing drugs yet we still know that he is lying about doing drugs.

It is sad that the first time that someone has finally drawn a line in the sand it is over something trivial like sports. But it has happened, a line has been drawn once so that means it can happen again. Who will be the next to draw a line in the sand?

How about the American people? We should draw a line in the sand against our politicians. Our politicians do not have the best interest of the American people in mind yet they work for us. We need to vote the incumbents out of office every election. We can tell them they are doing a bad job by taking their job away from them.

We have power to push for change and the idiots running this country need to hear our voice.