2013's Parting Shot

Has there ever been a better marriage than the one being shared by pop culture and social media? We have all become a part of the pop culture landscape because every little thought we have and every little thing we do has a venue thanks to social media.

There have been some heartbreaks along the way...

Pop culture had to break-up with newspapers and the evening news because social media is younger and hotter. Social media had to dump MySpace to make time to juggle Facebook and Twitter. Newspapers and the evening news are not able to get word out fast enough anymore in this information age. MySpace is a heartbreaking story of the third prettiest girl at the ball because with the pace of the world today, the third time is a charm adage has gone the way of the dodo.

Nothing is set in stone, the Bowl Championship Series used to pit the top two teams in college football against each other and that format ends this season. The BCS will evolve into a format that takes the top four college football teams now so maybe MySpace will marry with Snapchat or Vine or Skype to become relevant again.

We can all be relevant now in cyberspace because all we need is a phone to let everyone know where we are and what we are doing. Be it a guy we see on film or a guy who takes our order at Red Lobster, they both want to let the rest of us know where they are drinking and who they are drinking with. I mention this with a certain whimsy as I have tried my hand at relevancy by bragging that I was not at home watching DVD's by myself on more than one occasion.

And people have liked that I was out doing something, I have proof.

With these parting shots, I have looked at how pop culture kept us entertained from January to December. I have been mindful to report on the external part of my life as I interpret what it means when strange things happen with the understanding that my internal life is not worth sharing. I mean, my life does fascinate me but what choice do I have? I cannot live anyone else's life and thank goodness for that because my plate is full trying to figure out what the heck my motivations are.

Like in February I was motivated to write a screenplay. In March, I was motivated to see if there was anyone that wanted to act in the screenplay I wrote in February. In April, I started to rehearse with the people I found to act in March. In May, I started filming the scenes we rehearsed in April. I filmed in June and July as well then a funny thing happened in July...

I was not paying attention for a mere moment in July, possibly thinking about my next post on Facebook, and I hit a car with my car. After all the dust settled, I had totaled two cars and I put my movie in a holding pattern. It was close to being done but with my everyday car totaled, I was driving my fun car so my motivation switched to getting a new car.

I am very blessed to have my father in my life so I called him and told him I needed help to get a new car. With the two of us on the case, the used car salesmen were on notice. My dad negotiated with one used car salesman so well that my dad was offered a job to become a used car salesman. When I bought my Nissan, the salesman said they do not negotiate but my dad still saw an avenue to have them knock a few bucks off of the selling price.

So it was now August and with my car troubles behind me, I was motivated to finish the movie I had started. I filmed in August, September, October and November with production of the movie ending in December.

What started out as an idea in February had come to a conclusion in December and I have been walking around with a finished movie in my back-pocket for a few weeks now. Movies do have two "dones." The first "done" is when all of the footage is shot (check). The second "done" is when the movie is put together in editing so all of the elation at a finished project really just means that it is time to go back to work. Then when the second "done" is done, I get to promote the movie and as I have found with Jen X and Beodog, I never really stop promoting my movies.

The thing about making a movie is that is does not need to be done, the world will continue just fine if I stay at home and watch DVD's. I am glad I was motivated to make a movie in 2013 though. I am glad I pushed myself to see what would happen if I wrote a screenplay. I was inspired by the talent that gave my words life. I was humbled to be the leader of a union of synergy where all of the pieces formed a whole greater than all of us.

We did it!

We all jumped onto the boat and sailed the waters until we found land.

And what we found was paradise.