I have been a student of life and it has caused this rebellion within my soul that always makes me question why things are done the way they are done. My mind tells me that things are done the way they are because that is all we know so I am always trying to learn new and better ways to do things.

It is a rebellion to improve the status quo as I do accept that the status quo is a great place to begin any form of improvement. Things have been done the way they have been done for a reason and that reason has been around longer than I have.

Or has it?

Yes, the body I inhabit now has mere decades of life on this planet but what about my soul?

Through dreams, deja vu experiences, intuition and coincidence, I have formed a timeline for my soul that feels as real to me as the keyboard I am currently typing away upon.

The body my soul inhabited before this current incarnation was a man born in the mid-1940's. He was a teen in the 1960's where he partied but still was able to earn a degree that he used to become a stockbroker. He went from hippie to yuppie, traded pot for cocaine and died from an overdose in 1979 or 1980.

I was born in 1977 but there is no need for a baby to have a soul since what babies do is learn how to do the simple tasks of life. Laying down leads to sitting up as crawling one day becomes walking all the while gibberish becomes language. Humans do not need souls to learn such rudimentary tasks.

This has evolved over the millennia as a backlog of souls has evidenced itself for if you think about every human being that has ever existed then it becomes daunting as to the number of souls that would have been created. We are talking about a concept beyond numbers, a true idea of infinite for each body to have housed a soul that is new and not on its own timeline of reincarnation.

That, among other ideas in my mind, is why I believe in reincarnation... There are, and have been, too many bodies that have existed for a Creator to keep pumping out new souls.

So around 1979 or 1980, the man who had my soul died from a cocaine overdose and I was given the soul I have now. It is a sad truth that my birth began the end of the man who had this soul before me. Just like when he was born in the mid-1940's, it began the end of the man who had this soul two lives removed.

The man who died in the early 1940's was a soldier and he was killed in World War II. He died very far from home but he did not die alone as he fought in battles with his army brothers and they ridded Europe of evil for a moment in time.

The man who died in war was born in the first decade of the 20th century. His birth marked the beginning of the end of the oldest body this soul inhabited. He was a wealthy man born in the 1830's and lived into the early 1900's. He was born into a southern family that had a plantation and owned slaves.

This man did not believe in slavery but he did accept it in his life as that is the way it was always done. He could have eschewed the status quo of the day but this soul that God created is not a dummy. I hope that he found a way to champion the freedom of men but there are dark places in this soul that would allow for a man to enjoy the fruits of a life of luxury even if it caused suffering for others.

My soul was not created in the 1830's when that landowner was born but I have not had any experiences that have made me aware of what form it was before that. I wonder if this soul I have now was ever a woman or if it ever died as a child or if it sailed on the Mayflower or if it was a slave in Egypt that helped to build the pyramids...

I am the culmination of the thousands of years that this soul has existed and that is why my life is so full and rich. I am the being that has put it all together and I might be the last body this soul inhabits because heaven is where souls who get it finally go. I get it now because of all that this soul has learned.

Because I believe that my soul once removed died of a cocaine overdose, I don't do any powder drugs for fear of an overdose. My soul twice removed died in a war and I speak of peace whenever I can for this soul has paid the ultimate price over conflict.

I almost joined the army after I graduated high school but was saved by my bad eyes and was not allowed to enlist. I was looking for something to believe in all of those years ago and thought the army was as good as anything else.

I was pretty dumb back then.

The theory of my soul thrice removed came about in a very strange way. I have a lust for black women, and they for me, that continues to evidence itself to me to this day.

I was pretty horny back then.

And now today, I am sharing some of the thoughts that have been running through my mind as I try to figure out what the heck this life is all about.

Ah, life...