The Things We Hardly Ever Think About

So you wake up and it is March-ish of 2014.

You yawn and the thoughts begin to flood into your mind:

There have been two world wars

The Roman Empire fell

A guy named Jesus was born

The Egyptians built the pyramids

The only reason that it is "2014" has a lot to do with a book called the Bible

By now we are out of bed and grooming for the day but you see the point that we are now the culmination of so many days lived.

Then you think about that really great day you had. The one where the lights were green, the women all smiled, every song enhanced what you were doing then you retired to a great night of sleep. Life seems so simple at the end of those days but we know that it has become so complex.

Do any of us know when we had to have the Internet? We were bumping along in the early 1990's, chilling with landlines, answering machines and a bunch of missed information then...


Shit got real lol.

So you are at breakfast eating a bowl of Cheerios full of blueberries. Your iPad is on YouTube so you can listen to Roar by Katy Perry as you text the woman you like to see if she will text you back on your iPhone and you are typing an article about the science fiction existence you live in on your laptop...

Oh, you use your laptop for music because it has your media player and you blog on your iPad.

My bad. I actually write in my office but I wanted to use the laptop idea to have a third entity in a prior thread from this very article because that is how interactive it has all become.

By now we are working out because that is what you do with the calories from breakfast, you make it productive. Productivity is so important in March-ish of 2014 and it is not just the producivity that you accomplish...

It is the nagging thought that someone is out there being more productive. I have a Nissan, you have an Audi. I have a Dell, you have a Mac. I have the iPhone 4, you have the 5 and it goes on as the I never wavers but the you will never solidify. Every other you has something that I wants, right? I have a brunette with glasses, you have a blonde and we all just roll onto lunch:

How about some crab cakes with asparagus and a glass of white wine? We can leave the iPhone in the car, go to a restaurant without any wifi and talk about how we are so glad that we don't have our iPhone or our iPad for a few moments whilst acknowledging that we do want them back as soon as possible.

Twitter can tell us what happened while we were away eating a meal as Facebook can recap what we did. We are plugged in so we can stay and be in the know. Of course, at this point, we are two meals in plus letting as many people not associated with what we did know what it was that we did so a nap seems a good place to go at this point.

Babies nap all day long and look what they grow up to be.

Oh, that sucks for the babies but we do have awesome music so there is that at least. I guess that the book of Psalms is lyrical but other than that music does not play a role in the Bible. Yet, aside from the way the Bible has moved people, only music can rival that book. Music has been the soundtrack to revolutions and every kid strumming a guitar dreams of one day writing that song.

Because as we awake from the dream of writing the song to unite us all, we remember that one-hit wonders are folly in this day and age. Being nothing is more viable than doing it once then never again for some strange reason.

Perhaps we can discuss such abstract concepts over dinner. Perhaps we can think about the things that we hardly ever think about over drinks. Maybe you and I can find a reason why the egoes of men lead to such disaster the world over. No need to name names because we do not know all of the names; we know only of the suffering. We understand that lions hunt antelope but men hunting men is a power we do not want to accept.

But the cruelty of living in March-ish of 2014 is that we all know about the horrible things happening...

We all know about the horrible things that have happened...

And it breaks out hearts that more horrible things are to come but we go to bed at the end of the day, we turn out the light and we let the dark make us all equal for a moment in time.

Our dreams might be as different as a crying child is to a hunting bear but we all need the sleep because our bodies are still human no matter what our minds have created by the spring of 2014.

We can only imagine what our minds will create next and how it will further clutter our full and rich lives.