The Ultimate Bad Boy

The plan that Marvel Studios constructed and is in the process of executing is the most ambitious filmmaking endeavor in the history of cinema. The wild success of it is unprecedented already and the future is going to be full of superhero movies. The second Captain America is out in theaters now but I probably won’t see it and I also never caught the first one, either.

I am not a fan of Captain America because I do not know who his enemies are. And even if I took the time to figure out who Captain America fights with, none of those bad guys could compare to the cast of bad guys in Gotham City. I realize now that I have veered from the Marvel universe into the world of DC Comics but rest assured that DC is working their own angle as they were inspired by the gameplan of Marvel.

DC has it all over Marvel when it comes to bad guys. Just start with the list of bad guys that keep Batman working numerous nights out of the week. Not only are they fascinating evil doers, how they became evil is also as much fun. The backstories of Joker, Scarecrow, Cat Woman and the like are enough to keep me enthralled for a two hour movie or for a graphic novel.

I root for the anti-heroes. DC has my guy Batman. Marvel has The Punisher, who I am a huge fan of. Myth has given us the tale of Robin Hood and I have always enjoyed that story. That was the real charm of Fight Club for me as I saw Tyler Durden as a modern day Robin Hood.

Good guys are boring. Spider-Man is a kid, actually, who is all mixed up between his responsibilities, his heart and his spidey sense.


Super Man is an alien with much better manners than most of the folks from Earth.

That’s nice.

Iron Man is like Batman if Batman went super tech on us and was nice.

Not gonna happen.

I have always found the bad guys to be way more fun to have around. This notion started to develop after I saw Goodfellas for the first time. The way that Henry Hill described Jimmy Conway resonates with me to this day:

‘Jimmy was the kind of guy who would root for the bad guys in the movies.’

I know why I root for the bad guys and it is a condemnation of my character, unfortunately. I root for the bad guys because, in many ways, I am a bad guy. I have become intimate with the cruelty of the world because I want the cruelty to work for me. I understand the purpose of suffering is to separate the weak from the strong. I long ago stopped crying about unfairness and accepted the unfairness as a part of the world we have created.

The unfairness starts right at the top with the politicians, all of whom are overpaid for the deplorable job they do. Politicians are not bad guys because they would give bad guys a bad name. Politicians are sinister and agenda based heathens for the bad they do is to selfishly keep their lifestyle and power. Politicians cannot even be compared to The Joker because The Joker just wanted to see the world burn and he could not be bought off whereas politicians will burn the world down for you if you pay them enough.

I lack the selfishness to be a heathen like our politicians. I lack the thirst for violence that sends guys to the mob or, even worse, to become a cop. I believe that God hates cops more than anyone else because He is the only judge so a guy in a blue suit does not have the authority tell anyone what to do. Ever.

I lack the hypocrisy to follow any religion founded by man. Maybe if I was alive when Jesus was around then I could have followed a religion but Jesus was the last infallible guy. I lack the lust for passion that sends guys to strip clubs or, even worse, to Internet dating sites. I believe that horniness is weakness and I hate the image of weakness.

I hope that I am a unique bad guy. A bad guy with good qualities, if you will. I am organized but I am not selfish so I have the ability to help a lot of people. That sounds nice but I am a bad guy to ask for help because then you just told me one of your weaknesses. I will help you but I will also learn about you along the way.

Everything I do is to enhance my image because I understand that is all we have. I act the way I do because I am so controlling that I want to be involved with how you think about me. I want your thoughts of me to be reactions to the way I treated you because, in that scenario, you are seeing me how I want to be seen.

I look for the positive aspects of narcissism then live those concepts. I look for the positive aspects of isolation then live those concepts. I look for the positive aspects of a cynical world then explore that cynicism.

It is a lot more work to be a bad guy because you have to get away with it. If you are not getting away with being a bad guy then you are just another angry good guy.


I am good at being a bad guy too. Not Marvel Studios dominating the movie scene good but I am able to really get under people’s skin with less and less effort. My greatest power is my apathy and it has become so strong now that I often hope someone will come along to make me feel something other than annoyance.

I never set out to become this way. The natural progression of the choices I have made, and that have been made for me, through the course of my life have brought me to the place I am now.

I am proud of where I am now and I am curious where this path will take me. I wonder when it will be my turn to be left bloody on the door of failure and how I will process that situation if it does come to be as a punishment for my one man rebellion.

I am such a rebel that even describing me leads to contradiction…

To wit…

I am mean but not selfish. I am sarcastic but not angry. I teach but do not suffer fools. I am aloof but have passion. I am strong but have weakness. I am…

…the ultimate bad boy. A woman called me that once when we were in a post-coital snuggle.

It was nice to hear that.