Is This why My Ego is so Big? (My Application for The Jim Rome Show)

The opportuity to write for The Jim Rome Show is humbling. Rome says to give the show two weeks and the reason for that is his consistency will lead you to respect him. Rome is about giving takes and, like them or not, he will have the same take every time he says it.

I have modeled my writing career on the principles of consistency and allowing my work to speak for itself. I have written for the Entertainment Magazine since 2005.

The J. Floyd King Blog (

The J. Floyd King Library (

I used a pen name because I liked J. Floyd King (inspired by Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Martin Luther King, Stephen King, and John F. Kennedy) better than Dan Smith (my parents almost named me Seth). I was born in northern Ohio and it has been a rough sports life. The Browns of the late '80s were good enough to just fall short. The Indians have ripped my heart out three times real big plus a bunch of smaller times. The Cavs are abysmal.

I moved to Tucson and felt the joy in 1997 with the Arizona Wildcat basketball team led by Miles Simon and it was just awesome. In 2002 Ohio State won it all but they did lose the game for a moment until a ref saved us.

I have seen two Rose Bowl wins and in one of them Ohio State beat ASU and that was just awesome.

I was a decorated writer for Bleacher Report where I wrote over 150 articles. I am also proud to have written for them because of the influence they have now attained.

The Dan Smith Bleacher Report Archive (

I published my first book, The Stigma, in 2004.

The Stigma (

I published a book of short stories interwoven together called Circles in 2005.

Circles: A Collection of Stories (you know what, here are all three books)(

In 2006, I started a blog novel that I called Blinverted that made it onto Google.

Blinverted (just google it)(the html here goes on forever)

I published a collection of novellas in 2007 called The Cycles Building.

The Cycles Building: Five Stories High (sorry about all of the copying and pasting)

I made a movie short in 2008 called Beodog about a guy with writers block.

Beodog (

The gap in my work has been the process of my life after a divorce. I am thankful for writing as a constant in my life. Thank you for this opportunity Van Smack, I hope I entertained you with my resume.

War eagle

I'm out

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