Fire Like Rain

Fire like rain
or rain like fire
the dark clouds
make all look dire
light will come again
although it will be an end
and the world will bend
it will not break
for a new beginning
can be no mistake
sinking into a quagmire
of fire like rain
and rain like fire

Duality dictates that for good there must be evil but it also dictates that one is no stronger than the other; without one, however, the other could simply not exist. Therefore, the duality of creation dictates that for one to have the ability to create there must be another, lying in wait, in order to destroy what has been created. It is that basic duality, created by holy men and preached by those holy men to the populace over the centuries of humanity, that creates the feeling of ultimate demise within the hearts of every man, woman and child. All of man, woman and child hold that very duality within their tormented, even fragmented, souls on each day given by the creator and cursed by the destroyer.

For centuries many prophets have written their predictions, inspired by the divine, of the looming apocalypse clouding every sunrise of humanity. The book of Daniel and the book of Revelations, both within the oldest and most famous book ever created by man, the Bible, give symbolic signs of the eventual end of life as humans have come to know it.

To the planet Earth as its own entity, being oblivious to the words of every and all holy men, the apocalyptic prophecies and the ideal of duality could be billions of years old and at the same they might not have ever existed at all. This home of humanity holds evidence, on and within its surface, that it has been in existence for millions, maybe billions, of years. It holds the scar of one apocalypse, a deep crater along the coast of Mexico where it is conjectured today that a celestial body descended from the vastness of the infinite universe to end life as it was known millions, maybe billions, of years ago. Although numerous species became extinct, the planet Earth itself was far too strong to succumb for the third planet from the sun needs only it's light to replenish all that is, and was, lost. Celestial bodies, lacking a soul, have nary a need for duality for once the creator has graced life upon them there need not be a destroyer to rip life from them.

The prophecies have always been predicated upon the Earth, and only Earth, eschewing the infinite universe in which the Earth is but such a miniscule part within. The book of Daniel and the book of Revelations never mentioned, because those that wrote them never imagined, that the change that could effect all of humanity would be brought to fruition by humans who thrived on a different planet that orbited a different star. In this respect, humans native to Earth could be called fundamentally short-sighted.

What if the humans of Earth are an extension of a template created all over the infinite and all of those templates are made in the likeness of God?

What if there are other humans out there and their home planet fell victim to their own technology? The resources of their home planet quickly becoming exhausted and their population so enormous that Armageddon stared at them through the cold eyes of judgement.

What if the other humans were in dire need of a new home to replace the one that they slowly exhausted all resources from?

What if the other people were not encumbered by duality? Nor do they live under the foreboding glare of any prophecy. Although their creations did lead to the destruction of their own planet it was a culmination of their own actions and advancements, never from the specter of duality or an unrevealed prophecy.

Instead they are an incredibly learned civilization with literature, mathematics, space exploration and other aspects that the humans of Earth would readily accept. What if the other people were not encumbered by a book? For the people of Earth are confined to the control of stories from a work of literature created by ancient men upon their own planet. The Bible of Earth spoke of an ultimate end to life whilst there was no Bible for the other humans to speak of an ultimate day of sheer doom; thusly, wholly unencumbered, the other humans explore the farthest reaches of the universe and find possible salvation on a planet in a cluster of stars that form a celestial pinwheel.

Once the other humans know about us, they begin to learn about us. They learn that the people of Earth expect bad things to occur to them and their ilk because they all read from a book that preached to them that there was an end to coincide with what was called the beginning. Through knowledge of a book called the Bible the other people learn that the people of Earth could be deceived by words. If a personage that they hold respect for tells them to talk to a symbolic figure that they never see with their own eyes they will do as they are told. The people of Earth use but ten to fifteen percent of their brains and such primitive brains need to have the missing parts filled in for them so this thing called religion was the perfect filler for all that was missing.

The other people are humanists in that they firmly believed every individual person holds the power of the creator within themselves. The evolution of that mindset has allowed the other humans to use over half of their brain. Using only ten to fifteen percent of our brains, we are always looking for the empty spaces to be filled and the arrival of another race from out in the infinite allows us to believe that the empty spaces would finally start to be filled by proof instead of symbolic words from fallible men. Humanity native to Earth wanted to believe in something and it came to them just like those fallible men said it would, from the heavens.

The other people never believed in religion and that lack of belief allowed them to travel through the universe. They came to Earth to colonize it and rebuild it in the image of their lost home planet.

The other people, using over half of their brain as predicated by their own evolution, never suffered from the iron fisted control of words from a book or from the tongues of those that rose above the populace using the same book as both weapon and shield. Still, they came to Earth and having chosen to do that, they would one day will feel rain like fire so feared by those native to Earth and it will be then that the other worldly conquerors, superior in all ways to those they imprisoned on Earth, will come to realize that the rain was always like fire.

They will see they captured a sick planet as they finish what we started for them and the fire will still fall like rain whilst dual humanities see their dual ends.

And the planet will begin to heal like it has so many times before.