Those Perfect Moments

Walking out of the credit union with thoughts flooding...

Keys for the car, which exit to use, the path the car will travel, where is the destination, why is that the destination, who needs a text and the whole time a perfect moment was being created.

An elderly couple is heading toward the credit union entrance. Seven feet away is not too far to walk back to open a door. A young man is about to leave the credit union and he notices that I am holding the door open for the elderly couple. There are two doors but the young man steps aside to allow the elderly couple to enter before he exits. The elderly man does not move so well. Have I offended him by opening a door for he and his wife?

"Thank you."

The words are the perfect conclusion to this perfect moment. There were four of us involved. We all banked (credit unioned?) at the same credit union and it was that choice which created the possibility of this moment coming to be.

There were two doors to the credit union entrance so the young man did not have to wait. He could have looped around the elderly couple by going out of the second door. It was his choice that made the moment special.

The elderly man could have been upset that I was holding a door for him and his wife. When he thanked me was when the special moment became perfect.

Driving away from the credit union, the moment touched me further. Tears began to roll down my cheeks as I realized that something wonderful had just happened. Humility struck me as such a small action, holding the door open for people, flooded my mind with such a feeling of hope.

I hope that if anyone can hold a door open for my Grandma in Ohio that they will choose to do so even if they have to travel as far as seven feet to do it. The tears started because we all just want to be noticed and we meander through our lives wondering when it will happen.

We have all had a hand in it getting this bad. I wish for every digital like I click upon I could have shaken someone's hand instead. How I long to lol with my friends in person as opposed to typing it onto a computer screen. Impersonal shows of affection through a keyboard are so much less awkward than going to someone you like and telling them that you like them. No matter how loud a text argument might read, it does not make a sound in reality.

We are all protecting ourselves from being human and we have created so many tools that help us into our isolation. The media helps us too by repeating horrible story upon terrible story so that we can feel better about ourselves because at least we are not like those people.

It is the small things that begin change. Holding a door open for an elderly couple allowed me to feel something and it was scary to be so overwhelmed by such a small act.

We have no control over perfect moments, I think that is a part of their perfection.

Perfection is an abstract concept to all of us because we can only see it for a moment or two. My hope, as I meander through this world, is that I find a perfect moment then I find another one and I am lucky enough to find another one.

They are hard to find though because some perfect moments need other people to make them so. We are all so imperfect and we forget that we have the power to grasp perfection for a moment or two. We want to first grasp then hold onto those moments but that is not how it works.

Those perfect moments do not belong to anyone, they belong to everyone. Keep your head up and see how you can help.

I dream of a moment when we are all perfect together at once and in that dream, the moment lasts forever.