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Free movies for families and children

Watch free kid's movies online or download the movie to play later. There is no cost, subscription or registration required to watch online or download these kids movies. These movies are children-friendly and legal to download or watch online without downloading. Read more in the Free Movie FAQ.

Woody WoodpeckerThere are hundreds of classic motion films produced in the last century that are available to the public without charge and appropriate for children of all ages.

These movies can be watched over the Internet and many can be downloaded for free from anywhere in the world and played on most PC's, mobile devices, smartphones, ipads and tablets. Read more about how to watch and download cartoons for mobile players.

Watch and Download Free Movies

 Movie Feeds & Trailers

These free movie trailers are provided to EMOL.org by Fandango.com. Watch these trailers on your PC or mobile device without any cost.

To watch online: Select a movie title in the Index to stream or download. Find out more how to watch free movies online.

To download movies: Movies at archive.org can be played offline. Once downloaded to your computer, the digital file can be synch to mobile devices or viewed on other computers. Find out how to download free movies

Mobile Tip: To avoid costly celluar charges on a mobile, use Wi-Fi or download the movie and synch it to your device. Read more about watching movies on a mobile.

Sources for Movies on the Internet: The best source to watch and download public domain family films at at archive.org. Since the copyright on most of those films has expired in the United States, some movies are free to play, download, copy and distribute. You can watch these free kids movies online with your children through your computer or tablet device either with or without downloading.


New video formats

Streaming video is embedded from public domain sources to play on computers without the need of special software.

Flash videos do not play on Apple mobile products. To watch a movie on a mobile device, the file must be downloaded. Then, the movie has to be synched with a mobile device.

Apple is involved with a new HTML format that plays videos in full screen on a mobile device without any special software or downloading.

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Amazon Movie Blogs

With Amazon Instant Video watch and own commercial free instant streaming recent TV shows and movies anywhere- at home, work on the road (with cellular or Wi-Fi connection). Stream or download on Amazon Fire TV and on hundreds of TVs, set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, and on the Web. Visit Amazon Instant Video.

Free Movie FAQ

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